Update v0.4.0: Quick tour, promotions and buy-back

Hello Moonarchers and welcome to this first Update post!

This article will be focused on four points:
- Quick feature tour for new users
- Sponsored panel and token buy-back
- News panel
- What’s next?

Quick tour

Quick tour

After clicking on the Start button, the users will be presented the features one by one in a focused mode:

Display during the quick tour

This will hopefully help the onboarding of new users!

Sponsored tokens and buy-back

Here is where it gets interesting for MOONARCH users and holders: half of generated revenue will be used to buy-back and burn MOONARCH tokens! This will provide another way of increasing the value of the token besides the premium tiers.

Sponsored panel

If you want to advertise your token on moonarch.app and reach thousands of users everyday, please contact @MoonarchApp on Telegram.

News panel

What’s next?

Founder of Moonarch.app