The last update was just released and we already have another one to deliver to you! The miners have been a new trend recently on the BSC, and we decided to provide a nice utility page for you Miners lovers!

Now that you have seen this screenshot, you are either…

Hello Moonarchers and welcome to this new update article. The last major version featured the sharable token page and people have already started using the Moonarch Rugchecker before buying tokens! Share them in your telegram groups to prevent rugs and extend Moonarch reach.

This new update brings the long-awaited Multiwallet…

The next update to is right around the corner, let’s discover what is inside!


  • Sharable token pages
  • API and locks update
  • New contracts
  • Presale events
  • Other changes

Sharable token pages

This is the main new feature: there is now a page for all tokens, and you can share it in Telegram…

Hello everyone, and welcome to the official Medium of!
We decided to open this account to have a place where we will be able to present the new updates in details and talk about the future of the app.

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